Ramona Grigg

Long time writer/essayist sends out missives on life, love, loss, politics, humor, and the art and craft of writing.

About Me

I live in Michigan's Upper Peninsula on an island accessible by plane or boat, but not so far from civilization that I can't see what's going on out there.I've been alive for such a long time I feel as if I might know some things now, and since I'm a writer I'll be writing about them. Not as if from a classroom or a podium but just as a friend. We'll have conversations. Like real people.In the work section you'll find the links to the work I do and the pieces I've written.It's so nice to see you here. I hope I'll see you there, too!

My Work

I've been at this for more than 40 years, working first in newspapers and magazines on that very typewriter you see in the picture. Now I write essays at Substack and send them out in blog form, usually once a week.At Constant Commoner I write about my life, my loves, my losses, my hopes and fears for America's future, and occasionally just something I hope you'll find slightly amusing.My second blog, Writer Everlasting, a kind of salon for writers, is the place for lively conversations about every aspect of our creative work. I never know where it'll lead but I've never been disappointed. I owe it all to the Everlastings who keep coming back for more.My political blog, Ramona's Voices, on hiatus now, ran from Barack Obama's first Inauguration Day, January 20, 2009 to Joe Biden's Inauguration Day, January 20, 2021. You can find my entire archive at the link below.

Contact Me

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. This is where you can reach me.